AVer Launches a New Range of Huddle Room Solutions

AVer has quickly become one of the preferred brands for use with software-based videoconferencing systems, with sales growth in 2017 of over 200% in the Australian market for the Aver USB conference cameras. And with the launch of their new huddle room targeted solutions, growth is not expected to slow down.

First up is the VB342, an all-in-one USB Ultra HD 4K plug-and-play camera and audio soundbar. The VB342 soundbar has been designed to be the best USB camera and stereo soundbar at the sub $2,000 price range. It is optimised to deliver a next-generation camera and audio experience, and is compatible with all of your favourite applications, connecting to virtually any desktop or laptop via a single USB cable.

“The soundbar form factor really hits a sweet spot for huddle room video conferencing. It provides users with a very unobtrusive and comfortable meeting experience, while offering AV/IT teams an easily managed solution. The AVer VB342 soundbar may be unique in offering motorised pan/tilt on its already wide FOV camera to cover almost any shaped meeting space.” says David Maldow, CEO and Lead Analyst at Let’s Do Video. “
AVer’s VB342 soundbar features include:

• Industry’s ONLY 3 Year Warranty as standard
• 165° viewable area from motorised pan and tilt – the widest camera coverage of any competing soundbar solution
• Super sharp accurate colour up to 4K
• 94° wide angle no distortion with 4X zoom
• Professional tuned bass port stereo speakers
• Up to 3.6m voice pick up, perfect for a huddle space
• Elegant streamlined & clean installation
• BYOD friendly USB to HDMI TV display connection
• Auto echo cancellation, noise suppression, gain and level control
• Compatible with all your favourite applications, such as Zoom, BlueJeans, Skype, Google Hangouts, and many more.
• Competitively priced at RRP $1,699 incl. GST

“The VB342 has better sound than most standalone speakerphones. Finally, an all in one unit which delivered superb sound and stunning video in Zoom Rooms to be our go to Huddle Room all-in-one solution. Once again, AVer knocks it out of the park with their new all in one bundle for price and performance of a huddle room system. AVer has raised the bar for huddle room sound and video quality with the VB342 for Zoom Rooms.” says Ryan Pinke owner of VideoConferenceGear.com

AVer has achieved the perfect all-in-one solution, eliminating messy cable clutter often found in meeting rooms, clearing up space for actual collaborative work. Understanding the importance and increased use of cloud video conferencing, the VB342 soundbar also offers HDMI-Out, providing a single USB-C cable between the PC and TV via the VB342.

“AVer’s CAM340 and CAM520 already provide exceptionally high-quality video with Zoom Rooms in a variety of room types. AVer’s new VB342 all-in-one camera + audio follows the same high-quality standard, but through its all-in-one design allows a simple plug-and-play setup for Zoom Rooms. We believe this combination will allow our Zoom Rooms customers to enjoy a superior huddle room experience that works right out of the box,” said Oded Gal, Head of Product Management for Zoom.
In addition to the VB342 soundbar release, AVer has also recently released their VC322 video conferencing camera and speakerphone combination. A 4K PTZ USB camera provides vivid lifelike video quality, accompanied by a high-quality speakerphone picking up crystal clear audio in meeting rooms. With its large FOV, everyone at the table is clearly visible.

AVer’s VC322 camera features include:
• Industry’s ONLY 3 Year Warranty as standard
• Outstanding video quality in 4K and large 85° FOV
• Provides superb resolution, colour balance, and detail with 4K video
• Powerful speakerphone with 360° pickup
• Unique compact design
• Competitively priced at RRP $1,099 incl. GST

One of AVer’s key offerings that set them apart from their competitors is their 5-year Warranty program (3 years after purchase + 2-year extension upon registration) and their 14-day free trial offered through their partners for all their product range. Without a doubt, these new additions to their product range solidify AVer’s name and leadership in the video conferencing industry.

For more information contact BTC Direct on 1800 882 488 or come see the new VB342 and all of AVer’s video conferencing products range at Integrate Expo Stand F12, 22- 24 August 2018 in ICC Sydney – Darling Harbour.

About AVer
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