Heckler Design – Quality, Simplicity, Aesthetics And Affordability All At Once

Here at BTC Wholesale, we are very excited to offer the range of Heckler Design products in Australia. The Heckler Design team have created broad range of elegant & modern iPad stands, wall mounts, display stands and point-of-sale solutions.

“Technology resellers and AV integrators have been among Heckler Design’s most loyal and enthusiastic customers in the past few years… So much so, we now design beautiful, commercial hardware specific to the needs and requests of the visual communication industry” said Dean Heckler, President and Lead Designer, Heckler Design.

Pretty, simple tablet mounting. Easily mount an iPad outside your conference rooms and meeting rooms to create beautiful scheduling displays.

When you first see a Heckler Design product you instantly perceive its high-quality materials and its sleek aesthetics. Then you start playing with it and without any doubt, you will sense its durability, superb functionality and value. That’s exactly what Heckler Design is known for “a product design company that creates beautifully simple, commercial-grade products for design-conscious consumers and businesses”. Heckler Design’s products currently include small office and AV furniture, desk accessories, iPad stands, and a robust line-up of point-of-sale hardware for a variety of tablets, accessories, and implementations.

The smallest, full-featured cash drawer ever; a beautiful assembly of components designed to work and look great

Tablets have become the go-to technology solution for almost anything, and having a device that provides protection, style and increases functionality is a must. The Tablet Stands and Wall Mounts are just perfect for any conference or huddle rooms providing style and of ease of use to today’s meeting needs.

Heckler Design also recently added to their range of products modern and mobile TV Stands and Carts that pay special attention to the smallest details of today’s multiuse rooms setup. “To escape cumbersome furniture, many resort to wall-mounting their TVs, which leaves few options for interior layout, as all the focus and furniture must be directed toward the wall. Heckler TV Stand creates more flexibility to design comfortable, fun, and attractive living spaces and commercial spaces.” Said Dean Heckler.

Slick looks, modular construction, nest-ability, and support for the latest video conferencing equipment, saves tons of room space and assembles easily in minutes

Heckler Design products are relatively new to the Australian market and are fast gaining traction. If you haven’t had the pleasure to see the products yet, give them a try, you will absolutely love them!


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