Trio 8500 – The Conference Phone Reimagined

Whenever we think of a conference phone, without a doubt, Polycom has earned its way into our minds. The iconic 3-legged device has been 25 years in the market and counting. It has remained as a leader and that is the result of meticulous attention to detail from Polycom.

The 3-legged shape has a reason – a very well thought one – and that is why it has kept that shape. It is not just for aesthetics, but also for the basic science of acoustics. Polycom founder Jeff Rodman explains “with 3 or more directional microphones, it intelligently adapts and steers the pickup pattern that lets it find and focus on the active talker and cut out most room noise and reverberation”.

Just recently Polycom announced the launch of the new version of their Trio conference phone. It is the Trio 8500, the new standard in conference performance for mid-size rooms. Polycom’s legendary audio quality and a modern intuitive interface make conference calls easier than ever. This includes seamless integration with best-in-class Zoom platform for an exceptional user experience integration and quality. Trio 8500 offers the broadest interoperability of any device on the market giving you the freedom to deploy on all leading voice platforms.

The long-awaiting option for small to medium meeting rooms delivers many of the well-loved Trio 8800 features such as:

• HD voice audio quality, 14KHz of HD room-filling audio

• Polycom’s NoiseBlock technology automatically eliminates disturbing background noises like other’s typing, murmurs or eating

• 4.25 metres pickup range

• Will be expandable to include video and content sharing by the end of the year

• Modern full-colour touchscreen interface and Microsoft Exchange calendar integration, which makes joining a meeting as simple as one touch

• Based on open standards so you don’t have to worry about technologies working together properly. Designed to work with leading open SIP and cloud-based audio and video platforms like Zoom, Bluejeans, Cisco, Avaya, and others.

• Multi-line registration, which allows businesses to easily migrate between open SIP and Skype for Business environments.

• It is the only audio conference phone to be certified by Microsoft for both Skype for Business and Office 365.

Quality matters, we all know that and now with this new option, you can achieve it for a lower price than the Trio 8800 for your smaller spaces. Be sure to visit our store to learn more about the Trio 8500 or the Skype for Business edition.

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